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Case Study C5: Asbestos - Licenced Asbestos Contaminated Rubble at Ernesettle


Aster Homes, Plymouth City Council


Former Ernesettle Community Centre, Plymouth


Asbestos (licenced/non-licenced)


Taking on a site contaminated with asbestos due to poor demolition practices undertaken by the previous demolition contractor.

Works include the completion of demolition works and remediation of asbestos impacted materials. The remediation strategy was designed to remove rubble contaminated with licenced asbestos whilst concurrently treating all non-licenced made ground on site to produce suitable materials for reuse back on site.


Excavation and transportation of large volumes of rubble contaminated with licenced asbestos.

The site was situated in close proximity to residential receptors so strict emission control was paramount.

Churngold Solution

Close liaison and collaboration with the HSE was key in the development of a cost effective and safe method of works in accordance with relevant regulations and guidance i.e.

  • HSE Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (CAR) and the CAR 2006
  • C733 – Asbestos in soil and made ground: a guide to managing and understanding risks.
  • ACOP: Work with materials containing asbestos L143.

Works comprised of excavation and removal off-site of all rubble containing materials licenced asbestos in collaboration with our approved contractor.

Non-licenced materials were identified through site investigation details and through onsite inspections, materials were excavated, transported to a fully permitted onsite treatment centre where it was processed to remove asbestos contaminants.

Interaction with local residents was also pertinent to managing the expectations and alleviating the concerns of overlooking neighbours. Regular provision information to residents through letter drops along with well managed onsite controls and regular air monitoring ensured no downtime was incurred throughout the works

Technologies employed

-       Selective excavation

-       Screening/processing/handpicking lines

-       Crushing


The remediation works were independently validated by the client’s consultant leading to regulatory sign off of the site... Approximately 380m3 of contaminated rubble was removed from site and approximately 3500m3 of rubble was treated on site with all material passing the site clean-up criteria rendering it suitable for use within the development.


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