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Sustainability Plan

Example Sustainability Action Plan

  1. Flora and Fauna

Maintain any wildlife protection fences

Check if any tree protection is required and maintained.


  1. Fill Materials

Import only suitable materials

Make maximum use of existing site materials

Look to use locally available material


  1. Design

Design to allow further design flexibility

Ensure platforms are designed to manage surface water

Buildability Issues

Investigate design to ensure buildable prior to commencing work

Reduce construction make ups etc.   

Review design to ensure not over designed


  1. Use of Local Labour

Ensure site teams from local area ie Bristol

Any Subcontractors to be local


  1. Reduction in Traffic Journey

Maximise use of site won material

Ensure full loads for deliveries

Use crew buses to transport operatives

Make use of local suppliers


  1. Engagement with Stakeholders

Support any Client initiatives

Ensure all team inducted and know any restrictions etc.


  1. Reports

Produce monthly CO2 report



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